The Farm

180 beautiful, gently rolling Bluegrass acres with the house, Red Roof barns, run-in sheds, black board fences and World Champion’s in the stalls and pastures. That pretty much describes the dreams come true for The Rob Wilson family as they live on the land that has been in Rob’s family for hundreds of years.

In 2004 Rob and Julianne moved to the newest barn on McCoun Road—the southeast side of the farm. Rob designed his training barns and B & M construction built the shell for him. Rob finished the entire inside, stalls included, with lumber milled on the farm from the 4 acre lake he had dug in 2003. Each board was planed on the farm and hand nailed. The 14 x 14 stalls are spacious, with 55 x 55 arenas on each end of the 300 foot long aisle that is 28 feet wide. Each of the 31 stalls has a full back metal door that opens for summer ventilation. A annex has been added to accommodate the quarantine horses with 6 separate stalls and a feed room.

A six stall broodmare barn was added in 2006 and the 16 x 18 stalls enjoy a sunlit view.

What We Do

Currently Shamrock Farms is focusing on raising future champion American Saddlebreds and Gypsy Vanners. We have a top notch band of Saddlebred broomares and we will selectively breed a couple each year. The Gypsy Vanners we raise are only the finest bloodlines and we have been selective with importing the old, tried and true lines.

Shamrock will continue to maintain a small show string of horses, ASB & Hackneys, for sale and will have young stock started and available for purchase.

We will be standing our World Champion Morgan Stallion, "Blade" in 2014 and currently are standing two Gypsy Vanner Stallions, Shamrock Silverado and The Silver Dollar.

We still have our Hackney broodmares and a few Morgans left. Some are for sale and the others will live out their days in the green pastures.
Our Only Foal in 2014

Latest News

pic taken 5/8/14


Congratulations to ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK and Taylor Young and trainer Don Bridges.


Congratulations to ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK and Taylor Young, 5 Gaited Juvenile Champions at UPHA Chapter 8. "Nite" was bred, raised and trained here at Shamrock. Agents for sale, Don Bridges & Betsy Webb.


ENDOLANE DANA D and Ashley Wilson, 5 Gaited qualiier and Championship winners at Oklahoma Centennial.